Welcome to my website. I am a Danish specialist in Family Medicine who has developed a deep interest in the health implications of drinking and health expressed in active alcohol and health research, publication of papers and books on wine and health and lectures at wine and health seminars. More information is listed on my cv.


The Mediterranean cultural tradition of food and wine consumption has gained international recognition as the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean people have developed patterns of regular, yet moderate alcohol consumption, which is typically almost exclusively restricted to mealtimes and enjoyed with family and friends. The health benefits of the Mediterranean drinking pattern have been confirmed in large population studies and I lecture on the importance of a sensible drinking pattern in order to make people gain a healthy and clarified attitude towards their consumption of alcohol.


The sipping of good wine and slow eating of tasty food are the stable pleasures of everyday life, however, as a collector of finely bound volumes and rare books about the history of medicine and wine I have developed a keen interest in medical bookplates and exlibris with wine motifs.