Is Red Wine Really Healthier Than White?

Everybody seems to know that red wine is better for us than white wine. But is everybody right? Our wine columnist reviewed the research with medical experts to drill down to the actual science.

By  Lettie Teague.The Wall Street Journal  Jan. 28, 2022

I contacted Dr. Erik Skovenborg, a Danish general practitioner and founding member of the Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board, for his thoughts on the red versus white question. “The problem with the widespread hype of resveratrol is that the many beneficial effects of that particular substance have been found in test tube studies in the lab and studies with animals, fish, etc.,” he wrote in an email. Dr. Skovenborg believes that the white wine versus red wine question is also difficult to answer because of “confounding issues like possible lifestyle choices of people preferring white wine versus people preferring red wine.” As Dr. Waterhouse noted, there are simply too many variables.