My list of Books on Wine & Health now adds up to 30 pages arranged in alphabetic order by author surname.

Wine has a long history of use as an early form of medication, being recommended variously as a safe alternative to drinking water, an antiseptic for treating wounds, a digestive aid, and as a cure for a wide range of ailments. For years I have been building a library with books about wine in general and wine & health in particular like Observations Historical, Critical and Medical, on the Wines of the Ancient (London 1775) by Sir Edward Barry, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and The history of ancient and modern wines (London 1824) by Alexander Henderson, a physician credited with writing the first book in English that describes in detail what is today called modern wines, to A History of Wine As Therapy  (Philadelphia 1963) by Salvatore P. Lucia, M.D., Sc.D., a book that covers the history as wine earned its place as an essential in the materia medica over the last 40 centuries, and The Wise Drinker’s Guide – To Your Good Health! (London 1997) by Dr. Thomas Stuttaford, who is drawing extensively on his experience as a general practitioner, columnist in The Times and former MP.